Zgrana Rodzina
Darmowa dostawa
Falubaz Family

Coupling elements

Black bolts for drywall installation, tempered bolts for wood, bolts for steel, bolts for concrete, bolts for terrace panels.


Recommended products:

Carpentry connectors and accessories

Mocowania huśtawkowe
Metal accessories perfect when designing garden architecture, playgrounds, etc.

Floating fasteners

Gwoździe, drut wiązałkowy
Construction, clout head nails, nails for concrete and soft tie wire of diameter 1.2 and 1.4 in regular offer as the basic material in stock.

Nails, tie wire

Kołki rozporowe
Wide selection of light fasteners for concrete, aerated concrete, brick, stone, drywall, chip board, ply wood, sheet and plastics.


Our offer includes products of leading Polish manufacturers of class 5.8 and 8.8. Upon request - higher classes available.

Screws, nuts, washers, bolts

Kołki do styropianu
Attested assortment of polystyrene and wool fasteners in different size variants.

Thermal insulation pins

Pręty gwintowane
Commonly known as "stock screws". Classes 4.6 and 8.8. Available steel grades A2 and A4.

Threaded bars